Friday, December 05, 2014

Jacob Tollison 900A Clive st Hastings 4122 626 Heretaunga st W, st Leonards Hastings 4120 Dear Mcdonalds, My name is Jacob and I’m here to write about how I don’t like how you make your burgers look bigger than they are. I am sick and tired of seeing your ads on TV because it makes me hungry so I go and buy a burger but there pathetic. I feel kinda stink because I wanted a big nice burger with everything in it but it is not so big and theres lettuce that falls out, plus the patties on TV look big and nicely grilled but in the burger its small and a tiny bit over cooked. You are using the scale strategy. This is when people make their product bigger or smaller on TV than it is in real life. I want you to be honest and show me on TV what I will really get or make the burgers look like what they are on TV. I hope too see an improvement to your burgers or a change to your ads. Yours sincerely Jacob Tollison.

Monday, August 04, 2014

character description writing.

There he is again, on the computer playing minecraft. He is awesome a creating houses, always determined to create new things on minecraft. He is a great helper because when I need help on my homework, he will help and if I need help on my spelling, he will help me. You never know when he attacks me because sometimes we usually play fight at any time.

Zak is proud of all his work at school because most days he comes home telling his mum all the things he accomplished and all the awesome games/ science/ maths or writing he does. Sometimes, when I don't listen, he gets furious. He never gets told off because all day every day he is on the computer.

Zak is mostly a inside boy and when he is inside in the afternoon, he is usually making a hot chocolate. It takes about 3-5 mins for Zak to drink it. He likes going for long bike rides because when he does I always come with him. as soon as he gets home he always getting a drink of water because he is really tired.

Zak is mostly into electronic and Adventure time stuff. Adventure time is his favorite TV program. Zak once tried to put earphones inside earmuffs. He succeeded about 30mins-1 hour later. Zak is an awesome step brother.      

Friday, July 25, 2014

Inflatable world

Have you ever been so excited that you wish time would speed up?
Last Sunday my mum and nan took me Marcus-my brother, Zak-my step brother and all three of my cousins, Caleb, Keiran and Harry to Inflatable world over in Napier. We all went there so I could spend time with my cousins because I haven't seen them in ages.

The very first thing that me Caleb and Zak played on was the sumo ring. The sumo ring is a huge inflatable ring of course but with huge sumo wrestler suits that you put on and then bash into each other. There is also big fat boxing gloves that you can punch each other with and they won’t even feel it.

Lunch was delicious. M&M biscuits was the best. Blue berry muffin and the ham & cheese sandwich was what we also had. Mum was thinking about taking us to the museum but we were all having so much fun so we got to stay for another 30 mins.

30 mins has passed so we had a little snack packed up and then left to the museum. At the museum there was a machine that makes tea pots and you can make your own and put them on display, that was the best thing at the museum but Inflatable world was way better. The reason why I wanted time to speed up is because I just wanted to get there straight away and start having fun because it was my first time.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

If you were ever wondering how earthquakes are formed? It  is  formed  by  a  huge  space  giant  that  lives  on  the  moon  peacefully  all  alone by  himself  and  he  is  always  bored.  Earth  is  like  a  ball  to  him  and when  ever  he  is  bored  he  grabs  earth  in  his  huge  hands  and bounces  it  up  and  down  as  if  he  was  playing  with  a  bouncy  ball.  If  he  bounces  it  high  then  the  earthquake  will  be  stronger  and  if  he  bounces  it  lower  then  it  won’t  be  as  strong.  When  the aftershock  happens  it  is  when  the  giant  puts  earth  back  into  its spot  in  the  solar  system  and  then  he  goes  to  sleep.  So  now  you know  how  earthquakes  are  created.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

                      The first Herrick secret
My book is based in a tree house. Its in the bush and someone is living in the tree house. you can tell this by looking at my cover. The idea is that Becs finds someone all alone in a tree house but she doesn’t know who it is. The reason why I chose this book is because it is a suitable book for kids my age. what is my age?

My book is about Isaiah in the tree house. The reason why I chose to draw that was because my title was the first Herrick secret and Isaiah in the tree house was the first secret.

I positioned my title on the top of my book so I had enough space for my picture. It was big and bold so it stands out. The colour was red so it grabs your attention.

To answer my question, my age is 10 so I would say this book is for 10+.
This book is for people who like secrets, tree huts and the bush.
This book will grab your attention because its has bright yellow around the outside so if it was in a bookshop then it would stand out.

Monday, May 26, 2014

 Solar system
In our solar system we have 8 planets that circle around the sun which is called a orbit. Mars is the only planet that orbits the sun in the other direction.years ago something hit Mars so that is why it orbits in another direction.  What is the solar system made of ?

Firstly, the inner solar system has Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These are the planets closest to the sun. These are called the terrestrial planets because they have solid rocky surfaces.
The outer solar system has Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These are sometimes called gas giants.

Secondly, our sun is a medium sized star and where very lucky to have a sun because without a sun there would be no life on Earth. One of the constellations in the sky is the southern cross. If you look up at the night sky you will see two bright stars that point towards the southern cross so its easy to find. There are other constellations as well as the southern cross.

Finally, our one and only moon was formed 4.6 billion years ago which was 30-50 million years before the solar system was formed. The moon is much smaller than Jupiter and Saturn's moons. Our moon is the 5th biggest moon is the solar system.

The solar system is made of planets, moons, stars and galaxies. The sun is a medium sized star and the moon was formed 4.6 billion years ago.

By Jacob Tollison  

Monday, May 19, 2014

                         Hockey skills
Hockey is a sport that is played in the Winter. It is played on turf, field or ice. There is 11 players plus a goalkeeper on each team. You have to wear shoes otherwise your foot might get hit by a hockey stick. You also need a mouth guard so if the ball comes at your face it doesn't damage your teeth. The gear you need is a candy cane shaped stick and a small hard ball. How old do you have to be to play ice hockey?

Firstly, always keep your eye on the ball. If you don't and you try to hit the ball you will most likely miss it and probably hit someone in the face so you have to keep your eye on the ball.

secondly, have your stick straight on with the flat side facing the ball if you want to stop it otherwise it will go straight past you and the opposition could score a goal.

Thirdly, make sure you give a little. When the ball is coming to you and want to block it you need to move your body and stick back a little so the impact of the ball doesn't smack your stick and hurt your arm.

Finally, have your body behind the hockey stick because if your body is in front of the hockey stick it would be hard to block it or hit the ball so it would be much easier to have you stick in front of you.

To answer my question you can be any age to play ice hockey as long as you know how to skate.So there you go. Now you know how to play hockey at any time and anywhere.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Te Waka

                   The Waka
Last Thursday 3rd of April my class room 10 went on our survivor camp only for one night. Before we went on camp we sorted out our sleeping group, car group and camp/activity group.

The first activity was the Waka. It wasn’t a group activity our whole class went at the same time. We paddled it down the Clive river.We went under the bridge and a little further.  Before we climbed into the Waka we learnt all about it from the guy named Jim. We put our life jackets on and then into the Waka.  When I first sat in the Waka it was scary and I thought it was going to tip but it didn’t.When we started to paddle it felt awesome. Jim would stand at the back calling the commands.

I could see people watching us as we paddled down the river.Once we passed the bridge Jim turned the Waka around with a big white paddle and then we started heading  back. We paddled a little bit past where we would stop and get out so we could turn around and then stop. Room 11 were the first class to go on camp and they couldn’t turn it by themselves they had to have Jim turn it from the back, but we turned it by ourselves.One half had to pull the water towards the Waka and the other half pushes the water away.

Once we had turned it, we started paddling forwards to where we would  stop and get out. We finally had stopped, got out of the Waka and took our life jackets off.I was sad because I wanted to stay in the Waka and paddle it under the bridge again.

Being in the Waka was really awesome and I wish I could go again.

By Jacob


Here is me with a Maori weapon. Its called a Tiaha

Monday, March 10, 2014

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was a famous explorer. He is best known for becoming the first man to walk on the moon.

Neil Armstrong was born on August 5 1930 Wapakoneta.
He joined the astronaut program in 1962 at the age of 32 and was command pilot for his first mission and died on August 25 2012 when he was 82.

They were launched into space in July 16, 1969 and  returned back to earth on July 24, 1969. They were up in space for 8 days, they also took photographs including their own footprints when they were on the moon. The three astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin were given a warm welcome  home after the had gone to the moon.

Neil Armstrong married Janet Shearon on January 28 1956. They had a son Eric in 1957 and a daughter Karen in 1959. Sadly, Karen died of braintumor on January 1962. The following year they welcomed their third child Mark.

At 10:56 pm when he walked out from the spacecraft on the moon Neil Armstrong said “ that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”
for his famous first step on the moon.

Neil Armstrong was a famous astronaut and started the astronaut program   when he was 32.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A moment in time

I heard waves crashing.
I heard my dog barking.
I saw my dog tense.
I saw my dog take off.
I felt worried.
I felt shocked.
I wondered if my dog would attack.
I wondered if my dog would get the ball.

Friday, February 07, 2014

All about me

All about me

In my family i have a mum called Melany a step mum called Genae a brother called Marcus 2 step brothers called Zak and Alex. I have 3 cats and 1 dog. Our youngest cat is called nigella our laziest cat is ozzy and our oldest cat is candy. Our dog is layla and is really naughty.
My favourite subject at school is art because it is fun and you get to do lots of different things.