Friday, December 05, 2014

Jacob Tollison 900A Clive st Hastings 4122 626 Heretaunga st W, st Leonards Hastings 4120 Dear Mcdonalds, My name is Jacob and I’m here to write about how I don’t like how you make your burgers look bigger than they are. I am sick and tired of seeing your ads on TV because it makes me hungry so I go and buy a burger but there pathetic. I feel kinda stink because I wanted a big nice burger with everything in it but it is not so big and theres lettuce that falls out, plus the patties on TV look big and nicely grilled but in the burger its small and a tiny bit over cooked. You are using the scale strategy. This is when people make their product bigger or smaller on TV than it is in real life. I want you to be honest and show me on TV what I will really get or make the burgers look like what they are on TV. I hope too see an improvement to your burgers or a change to your ads. Yours sincerely Jacob Tollison.