Thursday, June 12, 2014

                      The first Herrick secret
My book is based in a tree house. Its in the bush and someone is living in the tree house. you can tell this by looking at my cover. The idea is that Becs finds someone all alone in a tree house but she doesn’t know who it is. The reason why I chose this book is because it is a suitable book for kids my age. what is my age?

My book is about Isaiah in the tree house. The reason why I chose to draw that was because my title was the first Herrick secret and Isaiah in the tree house was the first secret.

I positioned my title on the top of my book so I had enough space for my picture. It was big and bold so it stands out. The colour was red so it grabs your attention.

To answer my question, my age is 10 so I would say this book is for 10+.
This book is for people who like secrets, tree huts and the bush.
This book will grab your attention because its has bright yellow around the outside so if it was in a bookshop then it would stand out.