Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Te Waka

                   The Waka
Last Thursday 3rd of April my class room 10 went on our survivor camp only for one night. Before we went on camp we sorted out our sleeping group, car group and camp/activity group.

The first activity was the Waka. It wasn’t a group activity our whole class went at the same time. We paddled it down the Clive river.We went under the bridge and a little further.  Before we climbed into the Waka we learnt all about it from the guy named Jim. We put our life jackets on and then into the Waka.  When I first sat in the Waka it was scary and I thought it was going to tip but it didn’t.When we started to paddle it felt awesome. Jim would stand at the back calling the commands.

I could see people watching us as we paddled down the river.Once we passed the bridge Jim turned the Waka around with a big white paddle and then we started heading  back. We paddled a little bit past where we would stop and get out so we could turn around and then stop. Room 11 were the first class to go on camp and they couldn’t turn it by themselves they had to have Jim turn it from the back, but we turned it by ourselves.One half had to pull the water towards the Waka and the other half pushes the water away.

Once we had turned it, we started paddling forwards to where we would  stop and get out. We finally had stopped, got out of the Waka and took our life jackets off.I was sad because I wanted to stay in the Waka and paddle it under the bridge again.

Being in the Waka was really awesome and I wish I could go again.

By Jacob


Here is me with a Maori weapon. Its called a Tiaha