Friday, July 25, 2014

Inflatable world

Have you ever been so excited that you wish time would speed up?
Last Sunday my mum and nan took me Marcus-my brother, Zak-my step brother and all three of my cousins, Caleb, Keiran and Harry to Inflatable world over in Napier. We all went there so I could spend time with my cousins because I haven't seen them in ages.

The very first thing that me Caleb and Zak played on was the sumo ring. The sumo ring is a huge inflatable ring of course but with huge sumo wrestler suits that you put on and then bash into each other. There is also big fat boxing gloves that you can punch each other with and they won’t even feel it.

Lunch was delicious. M&M biscuits was the best. Blue berry muffin and the ham & cheese sandwich was what we also had. Mum was thinking about taking us to the museum but we were all having so much fun so we got to stay for another 30 mins.

30 mins has passed so we had a little snack packed up and then left to the museum. At the museum there was a machine that makes tea pots and you can make your own and put them on display, that was the best thing at the museum but Inflatable world was way better. The reason why I wanted time to speed up is because I just wanted to get there straight away and start having fun because it was my first time.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

If you were ever wondering how earthquakes are formed? It  is  formed  by  a  huge  space  giant  that  lives  on  the  moon  peacefully  all  alone by  himself  and  he  is  always  bored.  Earth  is  like  a  ball  to  him  and when  ever  he  is  bored  he  grabs  earth  in  his  huge  hands  and bounces  it  up  and  down  as  if  he  was  playing  with  a  bouncy  ball.  If  he  bounces  it  high  then  the  earthquake  will  be  stronger  and  if  he  bounces  it  lower  then  it  won’t  be  as  strong.  When  the aftershock  happens  it  is  when  the  giant  puts  earth  back  into  its spot  in  the  solar  system  and  then  he  goes  to  sleep.  So  now  you know  how  earthquakes  are  created.