Monday, August 04, 2014

character description writing.

There he is again, on the computer playing minecraft. He is awesome a creating houses, always determined to create new things on minecraft. He is a great helper because when I need help on my homework, he will help and if I need help on my spelling, he will help me. You never know when he attacks me because sometimes we usually play fight at any time.

Zak is proud of all his work at school because most days he comes home telling his mum all the things he accomplished and all the awesome games/ science/ maths or writing he does. Sometimes, when I don't listen, he gets furious. He never gets told off because all day every day he is on the computer.

Zak is mostly a inside boy and when he is inside in the afternoon, he is usually making a hot chocolate. It takes about 3-5 mins for Zak to drink it. He likes going for long bike rides because when he does I always come with him. as soon as he gets home he always getting a drink of water because he is really tired.

Zak is mostly into electronic and Adventure time stuff. Adventure time is his favorite TV program. Zak once tried to put earphones inside earmuffs. He succeeded about 30mins-1 hour later. Zak is an awesome step brother.      

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